Onani and masturbation is a sexual disorders

Onani / masturbation is self-stimulating activities to get arousal and sexual pleasure. Masturbation comes from the Latin, masturbare. A combination of two Latin words, manus (hand) and stuprare (abuse). So it can be interpreted as ‘abuse by hand’. In language, masturbation is usually synonymous with women, and in men is called masturbation.This activity, according to some studies is often done by people who are still sexually active, even to say very high. Masturbation / masturbation is now considered commonplace among adolescents conducted in particular, is estimated 95% of men and 60% never do in women, but the trend for women to masturbate continues to increase from year to year, currently estimated to reach 80% or maybe more .But there is a difference between orientation masturbation / masturbation among normal people who have impaired sexual orientation. Normal people who masturbate, masturbation assume that in an effort to release sexual tension, because there is no object or sexual partner. Meanwhile, people with impaired sexual orientation, enjoy masturbating more than having sex with a sexual partner who naturally.Actually, psychological, sexual orientation disturbance is not included in a psychological disorder or abnormal. In DSM III (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), Disorders of sexual orientation is still an abnormal, but at DSV IV-TR, disorders of sexual orientation, are no longer included as a psychological disruption. Base is what causes homosexuality, to be recognized legally, because they “did not hurt” in view of psychology, and cultural stigma only people who can not accept their behavior.Various Kinds of Sexual Orientation DisturbanceActually, sexual orientation disturbance that there are very diverse, one of which the above is masturbation. Disorders of sexual orientation that is around us is very diverse, including:1. Homosexual is a disorder in which a person likes another person the same sex. In the so-called gay men and the women are called lesbians / lesbian. Currently gia sufferers are in full fight them in front hukkum status, and in some countries where marriage between them is legalized.2. Sadomasochism and Masochism. Sadomasochism is a sexual deviant who gets sexual pleasure after hurting their partners. While Masochism is kelianan sex enjoy sex when first abused by her partner. Maybe the husband and wife who have a very harmonious if one of them had suffered another sadomaskisme masochism, or vice versa.3. Exhibitionism. Sex is fun showing deviations vital tool / genitals to others. People with these sexual perversions would like and if anyone else aroused amazement, surprise, fear, disgust, and so forth. Exhibisionis dressed very sexy way, if there is nothing to criticize or praise them more happy, because it can channel their sexual desires. So do not be surprised if a lot of people around us exhibitionist who roam confidently with sexy clothes because they want to get sexual satisfaction.4. Fetishism. Fetishism is a sexual deviate behavior that likes to channel his sexual satisfaction with inanimate objects such as dresses, headbands, silk scarves, BH, chipped, kancut, socks, and so on. If you often lose the objects mentioned above, be careful, do not let people around you fetishism.5. Voyeurism. Perpetrators of sexual deviance is getting sexual gratification by watching or peeping other people who are doing the conjugal relationship (Scoptophilia), being naked, taking a bath, and so on. This is also the case that many of us have encountered, and more frequently in adolescents. If you suffer from this, I will close the door to your house.6. Pedophilia. Is an adult who likes to have sex / physical contact that stimulates the minors. It is a disorder of the orientation of the most cruel, because it will destroy their future. We know that, sexual orientation disturbance was derived from childhood sexual experiences. So that children who are victims of pedophilia, is likely to experience impaired sexual orientation in the future.7. Gerontophilia. Are adults who prefer the older age people. If you like your senior, ata like an older widow, or love nenek-nenek/kakek-kakek, check yourself.8. Bestially. Bestially is a man who likes to have sex with animals such as goats, water buffalo, cows, horses, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and so forth. This robs them of animal rights, and inhuman, because it did not with humans.9. Incest. Is sex with a family member (not husband) wife as between fathers and daughters and mothers with boys, or between brother and sister. This is the most despicable sexual deviation, as it will likely produce offspring from the relationships that are disgraceful. The religion of their descendants remain chaste, but physically and mentally, will most likely experience a disability.10. Necrophilia. Is a person who likes to have sex with someone who is already a corpse / dead. Sufferers also did not hesitate to kill to get sexual satisfaction.11. Sodomy. Sodomy is a guy who likes to have sex with good anal sex couples same sex (homosexual) or the female partner. Men who experience this disorder likely “blind”.12. Frotteurisme. That is a form of sexual disorder in which a person’s men get sexual gratification by way of scraping / rubbing his genitals to a female body in public places / public such as on a train, plane, bus. If you often ride on the public transportation, watch out for these people.In one study, male masturbation techniques to obtain sexual satisfaction, which can be expressed as below.1. Stimulation of the penis by hand (82 percent)2. Rubbing penis on a pillow (13 percent)3. Inserting the penis in an object (3 percent)4. Using dolls or artificial vagina (1 percent)5. Others (1 percent).Whereas in women, found:1. Using hand stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris (48 percent)2. Stimulation with a vibrator (26 percent)3. Insert fingers or other objects into the vagina (10 percent)4. Pussy rubbing on objects (6 percent)5. Wringing her thighs and buttocks (4 percent)6. Spray water into the vagina (4 percent)7. Others (2 percent).Therapy Patients Hooked Masturbation / MasturbationActually clinically, masturbation does not constitute a nuisance, and not too damaging physically. But in patients who assume masturbated more sexual satisfaction than natural sexual activity, this is an aberration. If one of the married people experience it, the possibility of a relationship in the household will be slightly disturbed. Dependence on masturbation / masturbation is also a nuisance. If you experience this, please contact your nearest psychologist. Therapeutic techniques that will be given depending on the data you provide, then the psychologist will provide the proper technique with your sexual activity disorder.Watch out, trying means to maintain, nurture means suffering, suffering means to keep something … ~ ~ ~ (not in the habit …!)